5 Senses of Fun - DIY Rain Calming Bottle

5 Senses of Fun - DIY Rain Calming Bottle

 Sensory Bottles are a great way for someone to show their self expression in sensory regulation. This is an inexpensive way to see what someone is drawn to. Also by making them together it is a great time to spend talking about what might be enjoyable about this particular sensory bottle.

You will need

Plastic bottle - My favourite to use is an energy drink bottle because the top opening is large so this makes it easier to add items.

Toothpicks - You can experiment with how many you would like to add. Different amounts will give you different sounds.

Rice - Again you can experiment with how much you would like to add. Your rice must be able to flow though the Toothpicks.

Glitter can be added if you like for some sparkle.

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