Labels Limit

Labels Limit

Today Kaitlyn, William and I were talking about an upcoming week at camp. Kaitlyn was sharing with William and I about how she is a little shy when she meets new people. I told her not to worry because I know she is always a great friend to everyone and the camp leaders would make sure she wasn't to shy to meet others. She then asked me if I could tell the leaders a bit about her, I said of course but then asked her what should I say? She said "tell them I am always hungry, I like to swim, do crafts - oh and tell them I am special needs, I know it makes me different but its ok to still like me".....My heart dropped and I am sure William's did as well because he said KK you are not different and everyone will like you, don't think like that (he was upset as well). It took me a minute because it makes me SO sad and angry that other peoples labels have stuck to Kaitlyn and she now calls herself that. My reply to her - Kaitlyn, what if I took my glasses off right now? I can't drive - I have a special need. Don't label yourself - the next person that labels you like that you tell them - I am not special needs - I am Kaitlyn! Yes I have autism but I am Kaitlyn.

Labels create Limits - My daughter will grow up living a life of sky's the limit and that her name is Kaitlyn, caring, sweet, a great friend, an artist, shy at times and she has so much to offer to anyone who is lucky enough to be a part of her life. 

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