Super Looper

5 Senses of Fun

SKU: April 2024

Interactive. Tactile. Decorative. Fun.

This mesmerizing kinetic, metal sculpture is better known as an interactive "flow toy". Flow Rings are very tactile as well as slightly addictive to play with and interactive. You can put your hands through it and run it safely along your arms (bare arms work best) and pass them from arm to another, or one person to another just for fun or in a dance. Running it along a long tube or prop (e.g. a cord) makes it look like a metallic soap bubble and is an intriguing way to observe the interlocking strands of metal in motion.


  • The genuine mesmerizing, educational and interactive flow toy
  • Folds flat and pops open, surprising everyone
  • Rolls along your arms and can be passed from one arm to another
  • Great gift for kids of all ages, especially science + math lovers!

Ways To Use

  • Slip your hand through the flat flow rings, then let it open and flow!
  • Lay Flow Rings flat then tap it. The springs open like magic.
  • Spiral Flow Rings down a broomstick or cord. It looks like a metallic soapy bubble.
  • Take them on the go and flow with your friends!

To Fold Flat

Place your palms on the top and the bottom of the Flow Rings. Twist while pushing gently together. The Flow Rings will spiral down into its flat position. They only twist in one direction so do not force as if the coils are pulled too roughly, it may deform and will not work as designed.