Smell - Olfacoception - Items tagged as "Thinking putty"

With our Smell senses we can be someone who seeks smell, is Hypersensitive to smells or Hyposensitive to smells. 

If someone is Sensory Seeking with smells they will frequently try to use their smelling ability to identify objects, maybe people and seek out smells. For this person we can provide smells for them to have with them to use so they can be happy having a smell available at anytime they need it. 

If someone is Hypersensitive to smells you want to keeps smells at a minimum so this would not likely be a category  for you to shop. We do have Piggy Paint that has no smell so for Hypersensitive people this would be great. 

If someone is Hyposensitive this would mean they have a hard time noticing smells. This category might have some items they could use to see if they can start to notice what some of the smells are.